High calibre, short-term support for public sector organisations and businesses in the South West.

Devon and Cornwall Consultancy Limited has been established by and formed around Dave Ratcliffe, who has over 45 years experience in Government and the Private Sector, his extensive knowledge and network ensures that the right people can support most business or technical requirements.

Dave Ratcliffe offers specialist support for programmes and projects; from short-term project reviews to full programme initiation, in a courteous, expedient and expert manner.

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Our Services

We provide a range of services including:

Initiatives Development & Planning

Initiatives Development
& Planning

Almost every aspect of a new initiative can be understood by yourself, and explained to others, by following a structured process that was developed by the Civil Service College. Following this structure in a series of collaborative workshops, Dave helps organizations to determine their initiatives success; in particular by helping to navigate through all internal and external factors that relate to the project and evaluating key success factors of cost, quality and time.

As a Fellow of the British Computer Society, Dave provides unbiased and appropriate advice on project progress, highlighting any areas that need further focus.

Contract Negotiation & Support

Contract Negotiation
& Support

Dave is well versed in supporting large contract development and will actively support public sector organisations and businesses in preparing for Contract negotiation; as well as directly leading these negotiations if required.

He has worked as Head of Procurement for BT America for 12 months; followed by 18 months as BT’s Head of Procurement for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Remedial Action Planning

Remedial Action

Projects can go wrong for a variety of reasons and, at the point that this is recognised, it is essential that Remedial Actions Plans are developed and costed as quickly as possible.

Dave can enable project sponsors to consider:

  • whether the project business case is still sound.
  • whether the timescales still meet business needs.
  • whether alternative approaches will give a lower risk option.
  • areas of the project or contract that may need re-negotiation or planning.


If you have a question related to our services or experiences, please contact Dave Ratcliffe

Lyme Acre, Old Teignmouth Road, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0NJ
07802 460 213

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